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Accelerate your cloud development with a Custom-built platform.

ORO Star Labs is a HIMA Inc., - BR Group Company. We provide an Assistance / Partnership in this core tech sectors of Cloud Transformation / SaaS / IaaS / PaaS / DbaaS / DevOps / DevSecOps/ DevTestOps / DBaaS (DB as a service) / CaaS (Docker container as a service)

ORO Star Labs is a leading provider of Software Configuration Management(SCM) and DevOps solutions for fortune 500 companies ranging from telecom, media, pharmaceutical, retail to financial sector

ORO Star Labs is a leading technology solutions firm providing solutions, consulting, training and support services in Software Configuration Management and DevOps domains throughout the United States.

ORO Star has grown to serve clients in various industries offering a wide range of solutions and services across technologies in Software Configuration Management, Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps domains.

Our Mission

To provide organisations with end-to-end customised solutions in Software Configuration Management and DevOps domains that meet the firm’s requirements in a cost-effective way that maximises the ROI.

“Making your cloud transformation journey easy in a market where cloud innovation has become non‑negotiable.”

Cloud Transformation Solutions

Cloud has changed the dynamics of the IT infrastructure and the organizations find it challenging to perceive the best-suited cloud solutions for their business needs. With the plethora of the cloud transformation service providers available in the market, choosing the right Cloud Service Provider and the best deployment model are of paramount significance. By cloud transformation, the organizations can scale up with their applications based on demand and empower the business to incorporate innovative solutions.

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Oro Star Cloud Computing

Oro Star Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Deploy all kind of applications to Oro Star for easier scaling, higher availability, and cost effective and use Oro Star to release new versions seamlessly.

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