Simply and speed up application deployment

DevOps integrates Developers and Operations teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automating workflows and continuously measuring application performances.

Your application needs more than just robust infrastructure. It needs Agile tools and processes to help you continuously deliver new features to market-as quickly and easily as possible.

Our DevOps Automation managed services helps you to effectively deploy new products and features to production.
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Work Process Flow at Hima

step1 Devops
– Review the current state of the system.
– Review the current DevOps strategy & services

step2 Devops

– Identify the gaps in the system

step3 Devops


– Provide recommendations and their respective benefits
– Propose DevOps long term/short Term initiatives



Why choose DevOps at Hima


scalability Devops
Fast Scalability : Automation reduces the amount of time required to deploy new servers. Combine with cloud or hybrid to easily manage massive capacity increases.



configuration Devops
Better Config Management: We use different tools to create identical dev, test and prod environments, so you spend less time managing infrastructure complexity.



source Devops
Strict Source Control: Because every change gets tracked in detail, you can audit and revert to previous versions as needed.



application stack Devops
Support the entire Application Stack: We use different best-in-class tools to automate and monitor your environments.